Gustav Klimt Death and Life detailI am one of the women in this painting by Gustav Klimt.  The other figures are of the readers who leave comments on my posts.  They are also their lovers, children, friends, spouses, all the people that they tell us about.

I am entangled in the web of words that they leave.  They are  my joy each time I dip into The Diary of the Vixen.

I’ve done this before, and I’m going to do it again – suggest that


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Some Enchanted Evening

Some enchanted evening
You may see a stranger,
you may see a stranger
Across a crowded room

And somehow you’ll know,
You’ll know even then
That somewhere you’ll see him
Again and again.

 Who can explain it?
Who can tell you why?
Fools give you reasons,
Wise men never try.

As often as I listened to this song as a child, as often as my young heart yearned for such a romantic encounter, I never believed love would come to me this way.

It did.  It came exactly like this.

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Win a Rare Perfume for Valentine’s Day

I haven’t completely lost my touch.  I still have my sources.  I’m using them to take one lucky subscriber on a sensual journey to far away and long ago.  The scent from this exotic, rare perfume will take you there. (see Valentine’s Day to read about the power of perfume).

Niche luxury fragrance house Amouage has reintroduced Ubar for Woman, a sophisticated and mystical perfume inspired by the rediscovery of the long lost ancient Arabian frankincense trading city of Ubar, called the Atlantis of the Sands by Lawrence of Arabia and which was rediscovered in 1992 in the South of Oman.




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