Valentine’s Day Redux

Are you prepared for yet another side of me, from a different medium?

A few weeks ago a reader approached me and asked if I would like to be part of her new project.  I like new adventures, so my answer was yes.  With her help and that of a friend or two of mine, we put together  a vaudiotext of the story Valentine’s Day.  The result is that a piece of The Diary of the Vixen Divorcee is now on YouTube.

If you’re interested in learning more about vaudiotexts, or making one yourself, go to


Win a Rare Perfume for Valentine’s Day

I haven’t completely lost my touch.  I still have my sources.  I’m using them to take one lucky subscriber on a sensual journey to far away and long ago.  The scent from this exotic, rare perfume will take you there. (see Valentine’s Day to read about the power of perfume).

Niche luxury fragrance house Amouage has reintroduced Ubar for Woman, a sophisticated and mystical perfume inspired by the rediscovery of the long lost ancient Arabian frankincense trading city of Ubar, called the Atlantis of the Sands by Lawrence of Arabia and which was rediscovered in 1992 in the South of Oman.




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Valentine’s Day

The last Valentine’s Day I celebrated with my former husband, Alan, surpassed any dream I could ever have.  None of the Hallmark writers or designers could have come up with this scenario.

Alan had been travelling excessively for business.  He missed his birthday, my birthday, our wedding anniversary.  But it’s Valentine’s Day, he’s home and


we’re going to make it special.

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