Not So Humiliated

Guess who I called Monday morning after Sunday night at The Comedy Club? (read Public Humiliation)  Marlys, of course.

“You won’t believe the mess you got me into last night!” was how the conversation started.

She, of course, found it hugely entertaining.  Had way too much fun laughing at my public humiliation.

Thursday evening she called me.  “Hey, I talked to my friend who works at The Comedy Club.  They loved you!  She said, ‘That woman was your friend?  She was great.  The other guy on stage was a jerk, but your friend was hilarious.  We loved her.  We wanted to bring her back up on stage.  We were so disappointed when she and her date left.’”

Meryl Streep and Lily Tomlin

I could go either way. Become a comic like Lily Tomlin, or an actress like Meryl Streep.


4 thoughts on “Not So Humiliated

  1. Does that mean you missed your calling? Not to worry….there are many more opportunities to come. I see semi-amateur pole dancing in your future.

    • Hi Justpast30: Hm, pole dancing, maybe wearing my new raspberry and white striped tankini? What does that image do for you?

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