Adventures Happen

“Adventures happen when you’re around, don’t they? Bennett asked.  “Some people, nothing ever happens when you’re with them.  With you, things happen.”

This scene played out over dinner on our second date.  Something amusing did just happen.  Little did either of us know this would be the theme of our relationship.

A beautiful Sunday in early spring.  We headed out in his vintage Jaguar sportster for a drive in the country, ending up at a charming old hotel for dinner.

Jaguar sportster

Great fun driving down country roads in this. Must say, I liked the attention we drew.

Seated by himself at the adjoining table was a gentleman I’d met at a brunch hosted by a friend of mine.  Just that very morning.  Never heard of this guy, Roger, before.  Never saw him around town.  Then that very morning he sat right next to me at the country club.

Six hours later and 80 miles away and there Roger is, seated next to me again, but at a different table.  I greeted him.  He told us he was in town for a brass band concert at the local civic center.

Bennett got on his cell phone and ordered tickets, right then and there.  That’s when he announced that I’m the kind of person around whom things happen.


John Philip Sousa

Guess they do.  That night it was a good thing.  The civic center turned out to have been built in 1915, recently restored.  Murals with musical themes festooned the walls of the theater.  Red velvet draped the windows in the lobby.  Bronze sconces lit our way.

The brass band played a tribute to John Philip Sousa.  The performance and venue blended into this wonderful pastiche of light classics and kitsch.
Since John Philip Sousa was born in 1854 and lived until 1934, the period of the building worked well with his music.

Bennett was charmed.

6 thoughts on “Adventures Happen

  1. HMM Second date, great taste in cars not to mention women, appreciates, excitement, spontaneous behavior, likes adventure…. If I were a betting man, I would put my money on , “there will be more Bennett stories”. Anyone want to place a bet???

    Big Fan

  2. Reminds me a bit about when the two of us had dinner a few weeks ago…
    Coincidence? Or a life less ordinary?

  3. Bennett sounds like a fun guy, eager to do interesting things as well comfortable to be with. I would like to meet him

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