Sweet, Sexy and Chaste

That’s what she is.  No better words to describe her.  She’s all sweetness and sexiness.  When we walk together along the river all eyes go right to her.  They take in her tight rear twitching from side to side, the jaunty angle of her head, her amiable expression, her elegant carriage, her carefully brushed raven hair gleaming softly in the sun.

No one can resist her.  Old ladies, young girls, they all look at her.  But, above all, she’s a guy magnet.  Marlys warned me of this the first time she sent us off for a walk together.

We were on a road trip.  Marlys wanted to call her husband from the privacy of the car, so she handed me the leash and sent us on our way.

Before I closed the car door, Marlys leaned over in her seat and said, “Don’t be surprised if you have lots of encounters with men.  They love dogs, they particularly love bull terriers and they sure love Agnes.”

English Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Not only is she a head turner, but she’s affectionate, another quality men like, I’m told.

We were in a tiny little town with no one out on the street except an elderly woman carrying a shopping bag, so I thought, “Don’t think Agnes and I will meet anyone today.”That thought had just flickered through my brain when the door to an office


building opened and out walked Paul Newman.  Who made a beeline straight for Agnes.

Of course, he wasn’t really Paul Newman, but he sure was his spitting image, back when Paul Newman was a ruggedly handsome 60 year old.  He smiled at me with blindingly blue eyes and asked, “Mind if I pet your dog?”

I wouldn’t have minded much of anything he did.

“No, go ahead.  She’s really friendly.”  And sweet.  And sexy.  Just like the woman walking her, I could have added. But didn’t.  And as a young dog, chaste.  Agnes is a Scottish name deriving from the Latin for chaste.

Maybe I should change my name to Agnes, since the dog and I have that in common, as well.

Flirtatious energy flowed from the dog and the man, stupefying me.  Smiles, laughs, touches and leaps passed between the two of them and spilled off in my direction while I stood in dumfounded silence.

The whole encounter lasted maybe 2 minutes.  Then he was on his way.  Granted, given the circumstances of place and time, that’s all the encounter could have been.  But, as Mr. Newman’s look alike walked away, I thought, “I better practice my dog walking technique, so that when it counts I have something to say.”

As we piled back into the car, Marlys laughed and said, “What did I tell you?  I think you should start borrowing Agnes for regular walks.  Men love muscle cars and muscle dogs.  That’s a bull terrier, for you.”

Her full name is Sweet and Sexy Agnes.  She’s an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and a show dog in the bargain.  I fell in love with her on our trip.   Since then, I’ve been taking Marlys up on the offer.

It’s good exercise, after all.

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  1. I loved the way you teased that story. And what a great calling card. If the woman is allergic dogs, do you have thoughts on a comparable conversation piece?

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