And the Winner Is……….

Coco Chanel said, “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.”

As of this Valentine’s Day, at least one American woman can be guaranteed a future, because she’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day wearing Ubar, the perfume from Oman.

I know this because I started my Friday off early by knocking on the door of my friend Peter’s home.  Remember Peter from Ah Have Always Depended Upon…..?   He’s the man who carried my 9-foot-tall Norfolk Island Pine up three flights of stairs as if he were carrying a tea cup.

Drawing the winner of the bottle of exotic perfumeThis morning he turned all that strength to the delicate task of tenderly picking one heart out of a bowl filled to the brim with pink and red hearts.  Each heart represented one new subscriber to The Diary of the Vixen Divorcee, or one previous subscriber who had recruited a new subscriber.

I wish I had the resources to give a bottle of perfume to everyone who qualified for the

drawing.  I don’t.  Instead, one lucky subscriber, a man, received an early morning email from me telling him of his luck.  The bottle is now winging it’s way to his office and will be in his hands by Monday.  I’m assuming that he’ll share it Tuesday with his lady love.

Because of the respect for privacy that is a basic premise of this blog, I can’t share his name with you. Perhaps he’ll leave a comment for us on this posting to let us know how the unexpected and exotic gift was received.  I  encouraged him to do so.

My thanks go to all of you who read and subscribe to this blog.  I wish you all a delightful Valentine’s Day.

In fact, perhaps after this barrage of tales of romance and Valentines that I’ve sent your way in the last nine days, you’ll share one of your favorite Valentine stories.  What has been the most romantic, the most surprising, the most unexpected Valentine of your life?  Your story would be a treasured Valentine gift.

3 thoughts on “And the Winner Is……….

  1. Greetings Georgia,
    The romantic picture you just painted for your readers brought more than a ray of sunshine to my heart. It also caused me to reflect on romance, and Valentine’s Day, defined as an event found on a calendar.

    Luckily, in my life, the need for having a “special” date to celebrate the love in my marriage is not there. Romance is a part of the everyday. We are each others biggest champion and thus, flirtation, admiration and seduction can be found in each and every hour of the day.

    With that as background, we still do something special each February 14th, even though we feel the concept Valentine’s Day is, to say the least, a little strange. After reading your piece, we were reflecting that, even though we feel the day to be strange, there are individuals who are greatly effected by the day. There are those who find themselves to be alone and, by virtue of the “pressure” of the day, feel not only alone but forgotten, abandoned,sad and even depressed.

    So here is what we are doing this Tuesday. I have invited a lovely, young at heart, 83 year old friend out for an evening of fine food and conversation and my wife has invited one of her friends, also young at heart and alone, out for the same venue. We plan to talk, listen and learn and most of all enjoy the company of people who have lived full lives and have much teach us. In spite of their many great attributes, on this day, the 14th, they become “invisible” and I am sure forgotten.

    When we get back home from our evening out, we are going to open a bottle of champagne, look into each others eyes and reflect on how lucky we truly are.


    • Hi John: My heart is filled with happiness at the thought of how you and your wife will be spending Valentine’s Day, and with what romance means to you both daily. Thanks for sharing, and have a wonderful time!

  2. Hi Georgia,

    It does sound like John has planned for a near perfect evening, an evening that can serve as a model for us all. It also is obvious that he has a truly storybook marriage. I hope that he will continue to feed the flame of love and passion and not let it drift away like I had. The day that I started to let love slip away is a day I wish I could relive. That day was the beginning of the ruination of everything that was good and beautiful in my life. So, for all the Johns out there, keep fanning the flames because not to do so causes so much pain and, on a day for celebrating love, carrying and causing that pain is something no one should experience.

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