The Toy Boy Responds

Before I included the post about him in the Diary of the Vixen Divorcee  (see The Toy Boy), I emailed it to Guy.  This is his response.  What a gift to any woman to have her youth remembered like this, and to be told of those memories.


How much fun is that?

“Once upon a time…”  – you’re so cute. What a kick to read the private thoughts of such a special former lover. The realization that I had achieved an erection half way through the story made me smile and shake my head (Some things never change :-) )

It all comes flooding back; the snapshot images of you under my window, swaying as you emerged from your little car like a white rose exploding into blossom. You were a spectacle to behold. A thing of total grace and beauty.

Little did I know at the time what an exquisite jewel of a person resided within that delectable body. It wouldn’t take long to find out, and to this day, meeting you remains one of the best things that has ever happened to me. You will always be my storybook fantasy lover, and, even more importantly, one of my closest friends.

Guy’s hair was curlier, and I never saw him wear sun glasses. Otherwise…….


3 thoughts on “The Toy Boy Responds

  1. I love this blog! Georgia! You have lived a fabulous life! Don’t let the breakup with Alan get you down! You have so many people who know your worth and love you! Stick with those great friends and stay away from negative energy. I’m happy to know you through your blogs!!!!!!!! Awesome!

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