And the Winner is…….

Marlys plunges her hand into the waiting pile of email addresses. Who will win The Other Side of Me?

My friend, Marlys, stopped by first thing this morning to oversee the drawing of the winner (See The Other Side of Me). She wanted to make sure that I was fair.

After all, I could have been tempted to show preferential treatment.  For example, I could have chosen to send my story off to Big Fan, who almost reached that goal of 10 new subscribers.  I thought 9 was pretty darn good.

Instead, Marlys’ gloved hand reached into the bowl and picked the winning entry.  All was done fair and square.

The winner received an email from Georgia Stone a couple of hours ago with the story, Chateau de Beaufort, attached.  Since a guiding principle of The Diary of the Vixen Divorcee is respect for everyone’s privacy; mine, the people who appear in my postings, and my subscribers’, I am restrained from revealing the identity of the winner.

Perhaps that person will leave a comment, verifying receipt of the story.  Perhaps the winner will even share a reaction to the story

Thank you to everyone who played this game.  Thanks to your efforts, subscription to the blog has doubled.  I hope that you will continue to pass the stories you enjoy along to your friends, and use the Facebook like and the google+ icons to share them.  And please continue leaving comments.  They are a delight.

Oh, and the velvet glove with the rose isn’t Marlys’.  Its mine.  It has its own story, which I just may tell some day.

But first, I want to share some holiday cheer, in a few days…..




8 thoughts on “And the Winner is…….

    • Hi Suzanne: Thanks for passing along The Diary of the Vixen Divorcee. If your friends subscribe, I’ll send them a notice each time I post a new story. That’s the only way I would have their email address to notify them.

  1. I’m hoping that the winner of the drawing can write in and tell us all what we are missing. Is the Chateau de Beaufort some place we should visit? Is the other side of the Vixen as mysterious as the side we see? Tell us please oh noble winner what we have missed!

    Big Fan

  2. Georgia…there is a side to you I have never seen, albeit I suspected it was there. As far as your friends, I am probably just a rookie. Only known you for ten years. But seeing this side of you is a total delight. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Dear Readers,

    I received an email from Georgia today with the most wonderful gift, a copy of her short story, Chateau de Beaufort. I received this because of my dismay over not winning the contest. I want to share with all of you the email I sent her after reading the story:

    I am not only surprised but completely delighted to have received your story. I have found your writing within the Vixen Diaries to be rich and rewarding and at appropriate times erotic. I have just finished reading Chateau and I believe you have written the quintessential erotic story. I was immediately transported to the Chateau. I could feel the heat, smell the grass, see the colors bounce of the pool. Most of all I could feel and taste the erotic delights offered to your two lovers.

    Anyone who wants to understand the difference between erotic and pornographic story telling just needs to read this most wonderful story.

    I am counting the minutes until my lover comes home and I can read to her your lyrical graphic and musical words. I am fantasizing on what may happen once the reading is done.

    I am deeply grateful for your sharing your gift.

    • Hi John: Thank you so much for your generous and beautifully phrased praise of Chateau de Beaufort. The only previous reader of this story, my ex-husband, was highly biaised in its favor when he read it, so I truly had no idea how someone with no relation to me would react. Thank you for affirming the value of what I’ve written.

      A note to the rest of my readers; the person whose name Marlys pulled out of the bowl on December 20th declined the prize, stating that due to her overly busy life, she wouldn’t have any time to savor the story. Since John had been kind enough to leave a comment about his disappointment at not receiving the prize, I sent it along to him.

      I’m planning another incentive to subscribe and recruit subscribers for February, so keep reading and getting others to read

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