The Other Side of Me

By Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

What did I write for Alan that wasn’t meant for anyone else’s eyes?  What am I willing to share with you, now that he and I are divorced?

The other side of me, the side you don’t know.   The erotic side.

Before the birth of The Diary (and of the Vixen Divorcee), I wrote stories intended for Alan’s eyes only.  Stories of sexually explicit fantasies based on places he and I visited during our days of marital bliss.  Stories the likes of which will never appear in the pages of The Diary.  Stories I’m willing to share with you privately, now that he and I are divorced.

 Yours could be the first eyes other than his to read one of these elegant fantasies.

To get this exciting chance, you have to do something for me- for Georgia – first:  You
must subscribe by December 19th to The Diary of the Vixen Divorcee, or if you are already subscribed, get someone else to subscribe. 
Doing so will enter you into a drawing, the winner of which will receive a story from the collection written, until now, for Alan’s eyes only.

What do you have to do to be entered in the drawing?

If you are a current subscriber:

1. Get someone you know to visit The Diary of the Vixen Divorcee and subscribe.

2.  Add a comment to the bottom of this posting with the initials of the person who    subscribed.

3.  You and the subscriber you recruited will be entered in the drawing.

4.  You will have one entry in the drawing for each subscriber you recruit.

 If you are not currently subscribed:

1. Go to the home page and click on “Subscribe”

2. Enter your email address and click on “Submit”

3.  You will automatically be entered in the drawing and will receive an email whenever I
post (about twice a week).  This is free.

4. If you want to enter the drawing more than once, you can also follow the instructions above for current subscribers.

Remember, you have until December 19th to qualify for the drawing.

 The winner will receive the story, set on the grounds of a French chateau, via email.

This could be that unique gift you were seeking to share with special someone in your life.  Maybe that someone is you.

Enter early, enter often, to read the other side of me.








19 thoughts on “The Other Side of Me

  1. It’s me again,

    I have three more readers ready to subscribe. Please look for PM, CG and GH. All three have said they love your “voice” I am waiting for Saturday!


  2. Hi Georgia,

    With the deadline approaching, I am doing a full court press ( goodness, I can’t believe I used a sports analogy). I have two more that have indicated they are subscribing, MB and CR. They really loved your latest posting.


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